I never expected to have pleasant memories of house hunting. But here's one....I'm in the front passenger seat of a car rolling through unfamiliar neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley , looking for a house. Me, the guy who's spent the years since my only other house purchase forgetting what little I ever knew about real estate. And now I'm trying to buy into one of the toughest markets on earth, so I can move from Albuquerque , where prices are so different it might as well be on another planet. But I'm not worried. Arlene is a terrific real estate agent by all the usual measures – she really knows the business and the market, all over the Los Angeles area. With her daughter, Joana, as computer ace, she's right up to the minute in the technology of filtering the listings. Then there's her unique gift: she actually cares. She takes satisfaction from helping the clueless. Arlene has explained various aspects of the home-buying process to me over and over, until even I understand. She has listened to me and absorbed my priorities, and she has stuck with the search even when my work schedule slowed us down. She has a team of trusted associates to help with everything, from the financing to the home inspection, and she has lists of contractors and handymen for the inevitable fixes, because she stays in touch after the purchase. Best of all, her positive attitude makes the hunt fun.
-Mark and Maxann Kasdan

Arlene Lafferty takes care of her clients, as if she were your own mom.  She proved to be an in-depth and invaluable realtor during our fast-paced home buying experience.  A few special things that Arlene is very quick to jump on, which made for a very smooth experience, was her immediate availability upon finding the house we wanted.  She jumped head-first into an offer (within minutes) and while keeping her finger close on the pulse of the "other side", in no more than four to five hours, we had the house we wanted - and, less than what was offered!  She has an incredible talent for her speediness with numbers.  In addition, she really presents a clear perspective when it comes to pricing the homes and what is considered a "good deal", a "bad deal," or what is "fair."   This is done by her very intelligent approach to running "comps" and pricing everything out in great detail - in other words, she knows her game.  She proved to be a great asset for us.
-Chris & Jill Sax

I met Arlene by chance, taking down her number from a sign outside a property that I liked. I take the proactive approach so I have contacted many other realtors. I have to say Arlene is unique - in a good way. I had owned property before and was a little slow in letting Arlene educate me about the realities of the current market. Arlene was very patient. She worked with me for well over a year. I finally bought something. She probably lost money on me. But, as is her philosophy, she did get a repeat client and one who would recommend her to others without reservation. You can trust Arlene. She also has a very reliable team of support personnel in financing, painting, home protection, etc.
-Peggy Forte

We bought our home in West LA in April 2002. Since this is our first home, we really appreciated Arlene's time spent on educating us about every aspect of the process. This former teacher can explain the financial process very well. Arlene was right there for all the private showings that we wanted to see. We never felt pressured or hustled, qualities we saw in some other agents. When we settled on our home Arlene was helpful in recommending workers for painting and floor refinishing. When one of the workers contracted out part of his job to an unskilled laborer Arlene backed us up with some of her own money to get the job done right.  Also we wanted to get the calculation of the tax savings on the interest on the house loans, and Arlene set up an appointment for us with her accountant to estimate it. Arlene covered the cost of this consultation. Recently, she recommended a good broker to refinance our home loans. We would be glad to talk to anyone about our experience with Arlene.
-Susan and Gerardo Soto-Campos 

 Arlene not only specializes in first time home buyers, she takes pride in helping people move into their first home. Over a period of 4 months Arlene worked with us patiently to secure our home in Venice Beach. She has a real talent for assessing her clients needs and doing what ever it takes to bring them closer to their dream home - in our case this meant attending countless open houses, writing several offers and dealing with complicated probate procedures. Arlene was very pleasant to work with, never pushy or impatient and always took time to answer our questions (I still remember writing our first offer which took several hours).  She is also a shrewd negotiator and thanks to her talent we were the successful bidders among 15 contenders! It is difficult to express our fondness and gratitude towards Arlene in a few sentences and we would be happy to elaborate on our experience as a reference anytime.
-Inge and Doug Mueller

As first time home-buyers, we didn't know a lot, but with Arlene's coaching, we quickly became knowledgeable buyers.  Her team of skilled professionals and references were invaluable as we purchased our fixer-upper.  Mostly, however, we appreciated Arlene's expertise with the legal and financial details that go into buying a home.  We never felt alone or uninformed.  Thanks to Arlene's patience and coaching we not only found a home, but we also made a sound investment.
-Luis & Dori Marcelino

Arlene was great.  Her diligence and expertise got us into a home in a neighborhood that we had written off as untouchable for our budget.  This was our first purchase so we had lots of dumb questions -- and even dumber ideas. Her patience and positive attitude helped us through some tough decisions.  When we get ready to sell this house and purchase another, Arlene is the first person we're going to call.
-Dean and Anna Georgious

When we started our quest to purchase our first home, we were overwhelmed with all of the steps we were going to have to go through. But then came Arlene Lafferty, a Real Estate Angel in disguise. Arlene helped us through every step of purchasing our first home, from start to finish. She was committed in every regard to helping us realize our dream home! We kept waiting for something to go wrong, but it never happened. Everything went smooth and was handled with the utmost professionalism. She went above and beyond what was expected, re-instilling a feeling of honesty and trust. She was able to meet our needs (and we were kind of high maintenance, with our plethora of questions and requests) while never applying pressure to purchase. Even after the purchase was complete, Arlene continued to answer questions and provide references for services we needed as new home owners. We are grateful for her kindness, expertise, and professionalism and look forward to using her services on our next home. She truly was our “Real Estate Mom” guiding us each step of the way!
-Chad and Meredith Sesser